The first Immersive
Art Hall
project in Switzerland

Experience the Rhine Falls
in four seasons

The first «Immersive Art Halls» project in Switzerland is to be realised in part of the historic halls of the Swiss Industrial Society (SIG). The Rhine Falls will be shown for the first time in the four seasons in an annual film, as «Immersive Art» in a special experience.

During 30 minutes all natural facets of the Rhine Falls can be experienced with visually novel experiences and texts of famous «Rhine Falls artists» as well as emotional music, composed by 4 renowned composers, on the five senses «seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting».

Visitors are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of ways in the Rhine Falls production and its history and stories - by painters and writers. The various art forms and modern presentation techniques merge to form a unique and artistic experience, and also serve as meaningful educational training for young people, school classes, apprentices and students across generations.

The aim is to create an active meeting and exchange centre for a wide range of innovative ideas and also to use it as a creative workshop space for interested companies, authorities, associations, schools, as well as a performance venue for cabaret and much more.